In the flurry of New Year’s resolutions, photographers and artists of all stripes are set to question if they will do a 365 project of some sort. When I was faced with this question last year, an unfounded wave of optimism swept over me and I decided that yes, I would do one. I would work on a project that inspired and motivated me; something I’d been thinking about doing for years.

I started working on The Goddess Project.

I’m photographing goddesses and mythical creatures. I have a list of some I want to do, but I’m also just asking people who or what they identify with, and working from there.

A rush of creativity had me photographing four goddesses before all of a sudden… I wouldn’t be able to work again for quite some time.

In a sentiment that I can only characterize as hubris, I’m hopeful to finally be able to add to the small collection of images I managed to shoot last year. I have so many images planned! I’d love to execute even half of them this year. And maybe the other half next year!

This project is important to me, I hope to work on it for many years to come.

The first image I want to share with you is the goddess Strenua. She’s a Roman goddess of the new year, purification, and well being. On the first of the year, twigs from her grove were carried in a procession to the citadel. In my depiction, Strenua is a young woman, indicating new beginnings. She holds a glowing staff aloft, a magical offering from her grove. A wish for good fortune and optimism in the coming year.

Young woman in simple draped dress, standing in a grove of trees, with gold leaves on vines around her arms. She has gold paint down her face and sternum, and holds a glowing staff in the air.
2020 Goddess Project

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