One last Halloween post! This year our oldest carved a pumpkin for the Halloween event at Springbrook Nature Center, “Pumpkins in the Park.” Of course that meant we had to go to see the display!

Not surprisingly, I had a wedding that  day  but made it home in time to be able to take the kids. They had such a great time! It was definitely something different for our younger kids. The youngest was asleep in the sling as we walked to the park but woke up to check everything out once we got onto the trail.

They had such a fantastic time at the event. They especially loved the pirates in the boats and all the music and dancing and Elvis!

This was quite the technical challenge for me. It was a big public event in the dark. Normally when shooting in the dark I would set up a tripod and do a long exposure but I had to shoot everything hand held on the run with a toddler strapped to my side. It was quite the adventure!


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