“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” – John Lennon

This year was going really well for a while there! Business relaunch was going well, work was picking up, networking was progressing, my 365 project was going strong…

And then one day I took my kids to go play at a local indoor play park and I broke my leg. Yes, really. Right in the middle of wedding season.

Well, more specifically I fractured my ankle in two places, re-injured an existing fracture I didn’t know about and snapped off some bone shards.

While I was in the ER I told my nurses that I had a double header that weekend for weddings and I absolutely had to be able to work. Larry, my aging hippie, veteran nurse was kind enough to not laugh right in my face.

Honestly, the whole after effects of the incident were far, far more upsetting than the injury itself. Having to sit around and do nothing is quite possibly one of the most painfully torturous things a person can go through.

Thank you to the EMTs and all the ER staff who helped me. Everyone was really wonderful and helpful. It definitely made the whole experience easier! To the medical student who did my cast, the orthopedist said you did a great job! Thank you to my friend Ian who was willing to pick up my kids even though he doesn’t really like kids, my husband for entertaining and distracting me in the ER and my MIL for watching our kids while we were out.

What’s a photographer to do while in the ER? Take pictures obviously.


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