It’s that time of year again and I seems like a lot of us have simply forgot to plan fall family pictures. I know I sure did! I think it’s the weather. It certainly doesn’t feel like fall out there when we still have temps in the 90s!

We’ve decided to run a small promotion for fall mini sessions for everyone out there who’s as surprised as we are that September is almost over!

Free mini sessions!

How does that work?
– it’s free! There is no sitting fee. Sign up for a time, come to your 20 minnute session, and have fun! When images are finished, go to the gallery and pick what you want.

– Pay for only what you want! Only want that one perfect picture to share with friends and family? Just pay for one. Can’t decide between two? Get them both at a discount. In love with the whole set? Buy them all at a fraction of the price!

$75 – One file
$110 – Two files
$250 – Whole session (5)

Location and schedule
– Long Lake Park in New Brighton
– Saturday, October 27th 11:00 – 6:00

11:00 – OPEN
11:30 – OPEN
12:00 – OPEN
12:30 – OPEN
1:00 – OPEN
1:30 – OPEN
2:00 – OPEN
2:30 – OPEN
3:00 – OPEN
3:30 – OPEN
4:00 – OPEN
4:30 – BOOKED
5:00 – OPEN
5:30 – BOOKED

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