I’m thrilled to announce some of the changes coming for Umbrella Studios here in the new year!

I will be drastically reducing the number of wedding clients I take on per year. Trust me, this is a good thing! Instead of trying to manage 40 weddings in a year, I will take half as many. This will allow me to focus more on my clients and provide the individual, boutique experience you all know and love.

Did you get engaged this holiday season? I have a few dates available so contact me right away if you’re interested in having me cover your wedding! Email me!

I am also going to be posting more instructional information to share some of the knowledge I’ve gathered over my years in the photography industry. I’ll teach you the importance of calibrating your screen, principles of composition, lighting techniques, and light painting, and so much more!

This also means you’ll be seeing a lot more artistic projects from me. I’ll take you through my process too! Sometimes it’s hard to see a project through from concept work to finished product, but I can show you how.

Finally, you’ll be seeing more of my volunteer work! That means more puppers, doggos, kittens, and cattos available for adoption!

I’m so excited to share this all with you!

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