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Hi there everyone! I am working on getting things from last year all tied up and it’s been an amazing trip down memory lane. The up side to not having blogged ANY of my weddings or portraits from last year is that I get to look through everything now with fresh eyes. It also means that as I do blog them, they will be going up in the appropriate season. It always feels a little strange to put up a winter wedding during the summer!

I want to take a moment to sincerely thank everyone who made 2014 possible for me and my family. I worked with a lot of really wonderful couples and families. I met a lot of fantastically interesting people and I learned more than I ever imagined. It’s been an exception experience of community.

I also continued to work with Safe Hands Rescue and support their efforts to rescue dogs. I’ve also started to work with a similar rescue group that helps cats. I absolutely love animals!!

There is a little bad news though. After photographing 35 weddings and, over 80 family sessions and child portraits, I got a little bit burnt out. I’m working now to regroup and make sure that during the busy season, I still get enough time to spend with my children and maybe relax every once in a while.┬áIt’s good to know your limits! I have learned that 9 weddings in a month is too many for me.

Blogging is one of the things that fell by the way side early on so I am excited to be able to share all these images with you!

Thank you all!


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